Repair or Replace: What to Do With Your Broken Tablet


Repair or Replace: What to Do With Your Broken Tablet

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Repair or Replace: What to Do With Your Broken Tablet

When accidental damage and software glitches deem your tablet unusable, it can be incredibly inconvenient. Not only does a broken tablet make it challenging to get work done; it can also make it difficult to stream your favorite TV series, respond to emails, shop online, and check social media. But just because your device is malfunctioning or damaged, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break the bank replacing it with the newest model.

4 Must-Ask Questions About Your Broken Tablet

Determine whether it’s worth repairing your broken tablet or if it’s time for a replacement by asking yourself the following questions.

1. What’s wrong with my tablet?

First, consider what’s wrong with your tablet and what’s causing the issue. While external damage like a broken screen makes it pretty easy to identify the problem, other tablet issues are less evident. If the malfunctioning seems to be a software issue, make note of is happening when you turn on the device or what actions you’re taking that cause the error.

Understanding what’s wrong with your broken tablet computer will help determine if the device is repairable and how much a repair will cost.

2. Is my tablet insured or warrantied?

Next, do some research to find out if your tablet is under warranty or if it’s insured. Many manufacturers offer excellent warranties on their devices. Contact the manufacturer to determine whether or not your device qualifies for a free replacement or repair under its warranty policy. If you pay insurance for your tablet, contact the provider for insurance details.

3. How much will it cost to repair my broken tablet?

Take your broken iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or other tablet to a nearby repair shop like CPR Cell Phone Repair to request an estimate. With an estimate on your repair services, you’ll have the information you need to compare the financials. If a repair shop quotes you $100 for repair, and a new tablet costs $800, it’s probably best to go with the repair.

Alternatively, if you own a budget tablet like an Amazon Fire, it may be better to replace the device as some repair services may cost as much as the tablet itself.

4.Do I even like this tablet?

Finally, think about your current tablet’s specs compared to those of newer models. If it is missing features that you desire, are those features worth the price of a new tablet? If not, opt for the repair.

Weighing Your Options: Repair or Replace

Depending on your answers to the questions above, you should now have a pretty concrete idea of whether it’s best to repair or replace your broken tablet. If you’ve chosen the repair route, you have several options. While you can order an at-home repair kit, understand that you may do more harm than good by opening the device on your own. If you don’t know what’s causing your tablet to malfunction, this option is probably not ideal for you.

Alternatively, you could mail your broken device to the manufacturer for repair or take it to your carrier for repair. Unfortunately, both of these options mean you’ll be without a tablet for at least several days.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to repair or replace your broken tablet, you might consider visiting CPR Cell Phone Repair. At CPR, we have years of experience fixing broken tablets by all of the most popular brands, including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google, Asus, and more. We complete many common tablet repairs, including cracked screen repair, battery replacement, and screen protector replacement, the same day you bring in your device so that you don’t have to be without it for long.

If you’d prefer to replace your broken tablet but are on a budget, visit a store near you to browse certified pre-owned tablets for sale. Our tablets are refurbished, certified, and warrantied to ensure your gadget works optimally for years to come. We can even help you back up data from your old tablet and transfer it to your new device.

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